Frequently Asked Questions

For which applications can OEG Genista battery systems be used?

OEG Genista battery systems can be used in a whole range of applications including, but not limited to, Peak Shaving, Load Shifting , Primary Reserve, Back Up / Auxilliary Power, Vehicle Charging and Self-consumption. The battery systems can also operate in grid tied applications as well as off-grid situations.

What size of battery systems can OEG Genista manufacture and deliver?

Our battery systems range in size from 33.6kWh up to multiple MWh class. The construction is modular and scalable so can accommodate all storage capacities in between. Solutions can be custom made to suit specific client requirements.

What size of battery storage do I need?

This depends on the intended use and the conditions on site. For us, it is a matter of course that we accompany you through the project from the very beginning - this also includes helping clients with the sizing of the battery system.

Can the battery storage units be combined?

Yes, that is one of the major advantages of our system. The systems are modular construction and the control system allows them to communicate with each other and independently regulate the optimal energy flow. With our intelligent software, you can view each battery storage system individually or the system as a whole unit.

Can the system be expanded afterwards?
Yes, because we are aware of our responsibility and we know how quickly circumstances can change for our clients. The goal is not a short-term partnership, but rather we want our customers to be able to operate an optimal storage system for the long term.

Can the battery be combined with an existing PV system or wind turbine?
The battery storage systems can integrate seamlessly into your existing AC grid in combination with renewable energy generation systems in addition to the main measurement of the energy flow at the grid interconnection point. This enables our intelligent software to optimally control the energy flow in order to store surplus energy for later use.

What are the requirements for the installation location when the systems are installed in a building?
The battery can be installed in almost any room of a building that has AC cables corresponding to the load, such as a plant room or power room. The batteries do not require any special ventilation.

How long does the installation take?
Large systems constructed in container units are delivered to the construction site with the majority of hardware pre-assembled. The remaining items are then assembled at the location of the system and the AC cables have to be connected. With optimal preparation, for a single container, such a battery storage system could be ready for use within a few days.