Supporting You To Net Zero

OEG Genista is here to assist businesses make smart choices about battery storage and intelligent control systems

Founded in 2019, Genista Energy was established to make a difference to the renewable energy sector.

As UK government legislation moves towards carbon reduction, battery storage systems are replacing many traditional power sources. This has led to a greater need for systems that support renewable energy resources.

And this is where we come in.

By introducing battery storage systems to the UK market, we are helping our customers to optimise their energy use, reduce their carbon footprint, generate new revenue streams and operate more efficiently.

Our People

As specialists in energy storage, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to design and build custom configurable battery storage solutions that improve business efficiency.

Get in touch to find out how we can help with your renewable energy projects.

Graham Hall | Director

Graham established Genista Energy in May 2019, drawing upon an impressive 25-year career marked by global expertise in development, production engineering, and management. His professional journey has spanned continents, from the sun-kissed landscapes of California to the historic charm of the Czech Republic, and the innovation hubs of Germany. Throughout his tenure, Graham collaborated closely with industry titans in the fields of battery storage, DC-DC conversion, and the ever-evolving realm of renewable energy. His unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable solutions has positioned Genista Energy as a beacon of progress in the energy sector.

  • 25 year's experience in computing & IT businesses in worldwide locations
  • 4 year's energy storage systems experience in Central Europe
  • Specialist in development and production engineering and management1000 | +44 7521 477906

James Davidson | Director

Jim, an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, has a knack for nurturing and growing small to medium-sized enterprises. His journey includes orchestrating a management buy-out from a prominent ‘High Quality Engineering’ firm in Aberdeen back in 2004. Subsequent growth paved the way for selling the company to a multinational Surface Engineering firm in 2012. Jim’s global footprint extended to Perth, Australia, and he replicated the Aberdeen operation in Dubai’s Middle East Freezone.

He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce International committee where he attends International Business Manager meetings and is an advocate and ambassador for The Circular Economy.

  • Held Senior positions at CEO and Managing Director level operating across various industry sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Energy and Renewables.
  • Multiple years experience in production and change management
  • Concept design, installation and operations
  • Software development for special control solutions
  • Hardware development


Our Systems

Simple to install and easy to operate, our systems are custom-configured to meet your needs and can store between 33kW and multiple megawatts of renewable energy.